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The Global Event Forum brings together high-level influential international live event professionals to debate and discuss relevant topics impacting the live event industry globally.


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2019 Global Event Forum Report: Demonstrating Value Through Process Transparency

The International Live Events Association (ILEA) released “Demonstrating Value Through Process Transparency" a 2019 report that outlines 10 principles of event strategy, design and execution to enable live event professionals to demonstrate the value of the event planning process to clients. Download Now.

Read the 2018 Global Event Forum report, “Unifying the Live Events Industry: A Global Events Industry Report."

2019 Global Event Forum Webinar Recording

Continue the Global Event Forum conversation about the importance of communicating our value as a profession through the strategy and design phases, and not just the final product. This webinar focuses on how we can articulate our professionalism and differentiate ourselves with our clients, and provides additional commentary around the Global Event Forum’s 2019 report on this topic. Download Now.



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    Great events planned in the new year including..

Celebration Gardens 
Speed Networker @ SeaWorld - April 14th